What's new ?

PPGpS 1.28 is available

*FlyNet2 support
*Live tracking of your flights
*QHN, QFE Altimeter setting
*Barometric sensor support to improve altitude accuracy
*Change the application language as you need
*Configurable default zoom level
*A Tip of the day is displayed at startup. These tips will help you to discover PPGpS

PPGpS stickers Welcome to the PPGpS site.

PPGpS is a Flight Computer for Paramotor, Paraglider and Ultra light plane Pilots.

Main features :

  • Real time flight information
  • Wind direction estimation
  • Takeoff and Landing phases auto-detection
  • Return home information (display estimated travel time and bearing)
  • Fuel calculation and warning
  • Emergency geo-localized SMS
  • Localization with GPS
  • Barometric sensor support to improve altitude accuracy
  • Calage au QNH, QFE
  • QHN, QFE Altimeter setting
  • Online and offline maps
  • Google and OpenStreetMap map provider
  • Rotating Map
  • Log flights in KML (for Google Earth) and IGC (Leonardo servers) files
  • Waypoint management
  • Embedded User Manual and Tip of the day feature
  • Real time flight tracking on www.ppgps.info

FlyNet2 PPGpS and FlyNet2 !

PPGpS supports the ASI FlyNet2 variometer ! They communicate via Bluetooth and provide a very accurate variometer

PPGpS stickers !

PPGpS stickers are available. They will perfectly fit your tank, helmet, toolbox or your PC.

Live tracking

Live flight tracking is available ! Thanks to upgrade to the 1.22 version

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